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Key Services & Features

Account Access

Both client and advisor can view daily account commentary

Fund Search

Full Access to over 7,650 Mutual Funds from over 200 leading fund houses

Results Table

Make a filtered fund search orientated around specific investment criteria with the capability to compare alternative funds


Performance Reports

Informative continuous up-to-date support of holdings with portfolio breakdown


Easier Trading

Less Paperwork, documentation and forms ensure investing is time and resource efficient

Client Benefits

  • Market leading charging structures

  • Full portfolio transparency

  • User friendly

  • Flexibility - Covers all products

  • Automated continuous reporting

  • Offshore Custodian Account

  • Open architecture

  • Value - Lower trading fees

  • Benchmarked fund information from Morningstar®

  • Multi-Currency account

Daily Feed Morningstar2.png

The Information available on the platform is truly independent and provided by Morningstar, a world leader in financial information. Morningstar supplies daily feeds to the Simplicity Investment Platform, covering its fund range. 

About Morningstar®

A well established leading provider of independent investment research providing information to investors around the world Started more than 15 years ago, bringing a simple idea to all investors: fund returns should be compared on a cost and risk adjusted basis Especially well known for its rating system for mutual funds Serves approximately 7.4 million individual investors, 245,000 financial advisers, and 4,200 institutional clients Provides data on over 4 million investment products Operations in over 20 countries

Platform Features

Fund Fact Sheets

The Fund Fact Sheet is a one page summary of a fund, providing information ranging from the funds inception date, the performances of the fund to the underlying assets within the fund. The information is provided by Morningstar.

Research Centre

Identify investments you’re interested in by what’s important to you. Search controls work individually or can be combined to define your specific investment criteria.

Automated Monitoring

My Alerts allows you to monitor funds with pre-set gain and fall percentage targets. When a fund’s performance reaches your pre-set target, both you and your financial adviser receive an automated email.

Monthly Statements via email

Monthly Statements are sent to you by email at the end of every calendar month. The statements display a complete overview of assets, including cash positions and a summary of holdings with a portfolio breakdown.

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